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Tungsten Parts &
Precision Metal Cutting

Industrial & Medical Solutions

Industrial & Medical Solutions

Tungsten Parts &
Precision Metal Cutting

Metal Cutting Corporation, located in Cedar Grove, USA, is specialized in burr-free abrasive cutting of metal tubes, wires, rods and related parts. Metal Cutting are able to achieve tight tolerances and meet high-precision requirements. Moreover, Metal Cutting is the exclusive North American distributor for Nippon Tungsten products, including tungsten wire in all diameters 0.0015″(0,038mm) – 0.006″ (0,1524mm) and in many finishes.

    Metal Cutting’s manufacturing processes include amongst other:

    • Abrasive cutting
    • Grinding
    • Lapping
    • Polishing


    Metal Cutting Corp.

    Metal Cutting is an independent metal fabricating company specializing in the burr-free abrasive cut-off of metal parts and the related grinding, lapping, polishing, turning, EDM and metrology capabilities required to meet their customers’ tight tolerance requirements. They manufacture precision metal components for a very diverse range of industries, including medical devices, Automotive, Electronics, Biotechnology, Semiconductors, Aerospace, fiber optics, electrical and general mechanical industries.

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    Established in 1967

    Metal Cutting makes it easy to get the custom precision metal components you need.

    Metal Cutting Corporation
    Cedar Grove, NJ | USA
    Gibbon, MN | USA


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    Tungsten Parts &
    Precision Metal Cutting

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